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Hoosier Headlines for August 27, 2009: more on the trip to DC, and other football and basketball news.

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Unsurprisingly, the trip to Fedex Field to play Penn State dominates the headlines today. 

  • Indiana to 'host' Penn State in 2010 | Washington Examiner
    "The Indiana brass back in Bloomington may enjoy fattened pockets courtesy of Nittany Lion alumni and boosters. But when the Hoosier players come out of the tunnel into a sea of white, they'll be justified in wondering if they're the ones paying the price."

  • Let's Just Put Delaware State In The Big Ten (mgoblog)
    (Delaware State is forfeiting a conference game so that it can take the big payday of going to Michigan). "The Big Ten should shoot this down, and do it soon. This is the I-A equivalent of forfeiting a conference game so you can get paid by Michigan. Insert some bylaw that says any attempt to move a conference home game out of state or to a point that's closer to the nominal road team than the home team must be approved by the league first, and look very sternly at the Indiana administration when you do."

  • Indiana's Glass discusses game at Fedex Field (ESPN)
    Rittenberg has lots of quotes from Glass, including that the Big Ten's athletic directors approved this move 9-0, with IU and Penn State abstaining.

  • Zombie Nation: Penn State at Indiana 2010 moved to DC
  • Penn State football coming to Washington D.C. in 2010 (
  • Penn State-Indiana will be relocated to FedEx Field in 2010 (NittanyWhiteOut)
  • FedEx Field Will Host Penn State-Indiana Football Game in 2010 (
  • Although we have already conceded a game in 2010, preparation for 2009 continues:

    And some basketball: