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Hoosier Headlines for August 25, 2009: football rapidly approaches.

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  • Belcher a top receiver for IU (The Indianapolis Star)
    Like IU fans, it seems that the coaching staff has high hopes for sophomore WR Damarlo Belcher.

  • No hotels for home college football games? (The Indianapolis Star)
    With all of the millions of dollars spent on lavish facilities and other items, it's hard to believe that the NCAA might step in and stop football programs from spending a whopping $40,000 to $50,000 a year on hotels for the night before the game. For those who don't know, most college football teams stay off-campus the night before home games. This allows coaches to keep to track of the players and allows the players to get a good night's sleep. The Pac-10, which is introducing the legislation, says that it's about integrating the athletes with the rest of the student body. What bunk. Football weekends are a time when the football team should be separate from the rest of the students. Those weekends are a party for most students, but football players must be at their physical and mental best as early as noon the next day. Seven nights a year is not going to make or break the student body's relationship with the football team; non-athletes have very different goals for Friday nights of football weekends than do football players, and it makes sense to put the team elsewhere so that the rest of the students can have some fun. It's not just that this is another example of the NCAA trifling with minor issues; this is a terrible idea.

  • Two-A-Days: Indiana (Lake The Posts )
    My Q&A with Northwestern's leading blog.

  • Around the Hall: So, will he or won’t he? (Inside the Hall)
    ITH surveys various opinions on Bob Knight's possible return for his Hall of Fame induction.

  • Wright-Baker moving up (and other notes) (The Hoosier Scoop)
    I'm going to discuss quarterbacks and receivers later today, but it seems that true freshman Edward Wright-Baker may be working his way up the depth chart. As Chris Korman notes, it's tricky to decide whether to burn a player's redshirt year so he can serve as a backup, particularly when the player has a different style than the starter (Wright-Baker is much more of a runner than Chappell is). Still, it's encouraging that Wright-Baker is responding so well, and it certainly makes one wonder what 2010 holds for the QB position.

  • Hoosiers look 'tough' in football scrimmage (The News-Sentinel)
    The depth chart will be available soon.