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Hoosier Headlines for August 23, 2009: Knight's possible return to Indiana and more.

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  • IU extends olive branch to Knight (Post-Tribune)
    This Mike Hutton column urges Knight to accept the olive branch extended by IU. I disagree with some of his details (such as the suggestion that recruiting was Knight's main problem in his last few years at IU), but so be it.

  • Knight in November? (The Indianapolis Star)
    Terry Hutchens, in addition to his article in today's paper quoting various Knight-era players, has a pretty sound take on this issue. He, like me, doubts that Knight will appear at Memorial Stadium in November. I particularly like Hutch's idea of a statue. Also, I think the risk that Knight will perceive this as an effort to make money off of him is an issue as well. We shall see, and I desperately hope I'm wrong.

  • Ex-players unsure if Knight will return (The Indianapolis Star)
    Several former players are quoted. Most are skeptical, but I thought Pat Graham's comments about Knight's unpredictability are worth a look.

  • Tom Crean inducted into the Marquette Golden Eagles hall of fame (ESPN)
    Crean and his entire 2003 Final Four team were honored yesterday.

  • Mo Creek says he’s Bloomington-bound (The Hoosier Scoop)
    At least everyone is acting as if Creek will be on the court for IU in 2009-10.

  • Hoosiers camp is serious business (The News-Sentinel)
    Pete DiPrimio's account of the all-access day that Bill Lynch granted to certain members of the media.

  • Jammie Kirlew wants starring role in Indiana revival (
    A nice feature on the Hoosier defensive end, followed by some less-than-optimistic thoughts on the Hoosiers' upcoming season.

  • IU Mayberry is up to speed (The Courier-Journal)
    The C-J takes a look at IU's middle linebacker Matt Mayberry.