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Hoosier Headlines for August 19, 2009: football media day, Calbert Cheaney, and Sherron Wilkerson (really).

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  • IU leader ready to return (The Journal Gazette): Per Lamond Pope, Will Patterson is ready to return from his knee injury.


  • The curious case of Jerimy Finch (The Indianapolis Star): The title says it all. Jerimy Finch began his career as a starting linebacker at Florida, so why is he a backup at IU?

  • North End Zone a recruiting gold mine (Indiana Daily Student)


  • Ex-Mr. Basketball, IU player Wilkerson to coach Herron (The Indianapolis Star): I had forgotten about the head-butt.

  • Golden State names Cheaney special assistant (Seattle Post-Intelligencer): Good for Calbert, who 16 years after the end of his college career remains the Big Ten's all-time scoring leader.

  • Indiana makes changes to be fan_friendly (The Journal Gazette): Even though I'm a Cub fan, I'm not so sure about this throwing the balls back stuff, but the effort is good.