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Hoosier Headlines for August 18, 2009.

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  • Big Ten villians, past and present. (ESPN): I understand that having a prominent and profitable basketball program may have lessened the urgency for a good football program, but I really don't think the hoops program counts as a villian for the football program. IU was mediocre to bad at football long before we were good at basketball.

  • The Bowl Reshuffling (mgoblog): The main differences: the Alamo is gone, the Gator Bowl is #4/#5, the Insight Bowl moves from #6 to #4/#5, the Texas Bowl is a new entrant at #6, and the Motor City Bowl remains at #7. I just hope it matters to us sometime soon.

  • Know thy Opponent 2009: Indiana Hoosiers -(Hammer and Rails): SB Nation's Purdue blog takes a look at IU's 2009 prospects. Pretty fair, all things considered. I do think Travis needs to remember that the scoreboard resets to all zeroes, however. The IU-Purdue series is rife with dramatic year-to-year turnarounds. In 1995 Purdue won 51-14 and in 1996 IU won 33-17. In 1988 IU won 52-7 and in 1989 Purdue won 15-14. In 1966 Purdue won 51-6 and in 1967 IU won 19-14. I don't think last year's score will have much of an impact, just as the 2007 score had no impact on 2008.

  • Note to aOSU fans: WEAR GRAY!! (Boiled Sports): Remember, they don't care about us.  It's not a rivalry.  Notre Dame is Purdue's true football rival.  Purdue fans are indifferent. to the goings-on in Bloomington  Really, I do long for a day when IU won't need a full house provided by another team to take a nice aerial photo.  Still, it could be worse.  I can think of a school that spent $70 million on stadium improvements that left the place looking just as dingy on TV and from inside the stadium bowl as before the construction.