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NCAA Baseball Tournament, Round I: gameday links.

IU and Louisville get started at 7 p.m. tonight, and Vanderbilt and Middle Tennessee are now underway. 

  • The game is not televised, but you can watch on streaming video here.
  • If you don't have access to streaming video, you can follow the game via Gametracker or listed to the IU radio broadcast
  • The Card Chronicle, Louisville's SB Nation blog, is here.  
  • Big Ten Hardball has links galore relating to the regionals in which IU, Minnesota, and Ohio State are playing.  
  • Behind the Plate has excellent IU baseball coverage.  
  • A quick note on IU's previous NCAA Tournament appearance: after winning the Big Ten Tournament in 1996, IU traveled to Wichita, Kansas, where the Hoosiers lost to the hosts (and eventual College World Series qualifier) Wichita State 4-0.  IU then defeated Delaware 10-8 before being eliminated with a 11-8 loss to Rice.  So, IU's current NCAA Baseball Tournament record is 1-2.  hopefully we will double our all-time win total tonight.