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Memorial Stadium construction coming together.

While it's not clear what the 2009 season will hold for the Hoosiers, at least they will be doing it in style.  The Memorial Stadium end zone expansion, which has been under discussion for years, is coming together after nearly two years of construction.  Ken Bikoff of Inside Indiana has been documenting the construction every few weeks, and here are his latest photos.  It was such a clear day that these photos almost look like renderings.  IU broke ground on the expansion a few days after Terry Hoeppner died in June 2007.  For those who might wonder why IU, not known for high ticket demand, is exapnding the stadium, the seats aren't the point.  The new building will enhance the football program's facilities and will include the AD offices, a weight room, and so on.  A more finished look to the stadium is a bonus.   (EDIT: as an astute poster has pointed out, not all of the pictures are of Memorial Stadium.  The last few pictures show the basketball practice facility that is being built southeast of Assembly Hall).