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The past week.

I've been out of town for a few days, hoping that none of the season in review posts that I had pre-scheduled would go stale because of a transfer.  Mission accomplished, so far.  What else did I miss?

  • The women's basketball team lost to Illinois State in the quarterfinals of the WNIT.
  • No one else transferred, as far as I can tell, although there are  loads of rumors kicking around.
  • This story has been well-worn, but after missing most of his rookie season because of a benign growth in his jaw, DJ White made his NBA debut last night against the Pacers and played very well, scoring 14 points in 18 minutes on 7-8 from the field. 
More this week as I catch up, and I do plan to resume the season-in-review posts soon.  As I have said before, I'm not a big believer in the supposed obligation to root for one's conference in the postseason.  On the other hand, I have always liked Michigan State for some reason.  More importantly, the intensity and ignorance of the anti-Big Ten media coverage this season makes it pretty sweet to see a Big Ten team in the final game.  There have been times in recent years that the Big Ten deserved criticism both for football and basketball.  Still, this season, the Big Ten was excellent in the pre-conference and deserving of its high rankings.  Go Spartans.