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NFL draft begins tomorrow.

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It will be a surprise if any former Hoosiers are selected in this weekend's NFL Draft.  In today's Indy Star, Jeff Rabjohns notes that it's likely to be a slow day for all of Indiana's Division I-A programs (note to new readers: I don't indulge in the confusing FBS/FCS stuff: it's I-A and I-AA).  Andrew Means is the only Hoosier given much of a chance to be drafted.  I had presumed that Means, who spent the summer of 2008 playing baseball in the Cincinnati Reds system, would be doing the same this year, but according to a blog covering the Reds' minor leagues, Means left spring training and is focusing on football. Means impressed NFL scouts with his 4.36 40 time at IU's pro day.  With any luck, someday TV broadcasters will refer to Andrew as a Wayne Chrebet-style third down/possession receiver with deceptive speed.

I would expect that kicker Austin Starr, an all-American as a junior who then struggled as a senior, and Marcus Thigpen, a dangerous returner, would end up somewhere as free agents.  ESPN's Tuesday Morning Quarterback mocks the mock drafts by projecting the seventh round instead of the first.  His mock-mock draft has Thigpen going to the Chargers.  To give you a flavor of what TMQ's style:

224. San Diego. Marcus Thigpen, running back, Indiana. At 5-8, viewed as big back to alternate with Darren Sproles.

Clearly, the whole exercise is tongue-in-cheek, but that's all we have this year.  SB Nation is all over it, of course, and has a group blog called Mocking the Draft that is keeping up with the action.  BigBlueShoe of excellent Colts blog Stampede Blue appears to be contributing heavily.