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Season in review: Tijan Jobe.

Jobe is the only scholarship player that I haven't reviewed yet (walk-on Daniel Moore played enough to earn a review, which will be the next and last piece of this series).  Here's his game log.  As I said when Jobe signed last year:

He has been in the United States for only four years (it's unclear to me from the brief reports whether he played basketball before coming to the US) and averaged only 3 points and 3 rebounds per game. As a 7-footer in junior college.

Given his meager playing time this year, there is little to suggest that Jobe ever will have much of an opportunity to contribute at IU.  Jobe scored 7 points in 2009, although he ended on a hot streak, with 5 points in his last 4 games.  After a bucket against St. Joseph's in Maui, he didn't score again until February 28 at Penn State.  Also, and oddly enough, he didn't score a single point at Assembly Hall.  On the positive side, he did rebound quite effectively when he had the chance.  Jobe played only 108 minutes but had 17 rebounds.