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IU 28, IU 27.

It didn't count, but there is a box score, a photo gallery,and video.  While there are differing schools of thought with the spring game, it appears that this was a first-team-against-first-team format.  The first team offense was on the Cream team, and the first team defense played for the Crimson.  Jared Poertner of the H-T panned the offense, and Dave Leno of the IDS provides a detailed rundown here, with a bit more optimistic take on the performance of Ben Chappell and the offense.  Both of the writers who saw the game in person gave high marks to the performance of Darius Willis, the reshirt freshman RB who was one of IU's most highly touted recruits in early 2008.  Willis ran for 80 yards on 13 carries, including a 17 yard touchdown.  As for Chappell, he completed 14 of 22 passes for 202 yards.   Kellen Lewis was the leading receiver for the Cream team.  Finally, the top candidates for backup quarterback both played reasonably well.  Teddy Schell and Adam Follett were a combined 15-20 passing. 

As I have said before, it's tough to take too many lessons from the spring game.  There were no reported injuries, and nothing disastrous, which is good enough for now.