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Spring football update.

I have previously indicated my distaste for spring football.  Well, distaste is too strong, but I don't really get into it.  If the weather is nice, I understand the appeal of a spring game, but the daily practice reports...well, the official IU site has kept up and the Hoosier Scoop reports relevant developments. 

On Saturday, IU had its second public scrimmage of the spring, and will present the spring game next Saturday at 2 p.m  Other items:

  • Bill Lynch miked up for practice.   
  • IU's official site has provided some very helpful position previews.  Obviously, an official site is prone to boosterism, but as a summary of which players are back, which players are hurt, and how the depth chart shapes up, these capsules can be very useful.   So far, the site includes previews of the linebackers, wide receivers/tight ends,  and running backs

Kellen Lewis, of course, continues to see work as a wide receiver, with Ben Chappell as first string QB and Adam Follett apparently as the backup.  While there has been some debate in IU circles about the wisdom of this move, what has been striking to me, both online and offline, is the unanimity among non-IU fans about what a bad idea this is.  I linked the Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa) response soon after.  Even EDSBS got in on the action last week, posting a video with Brandon Walker-Roby reporting on

Indiana’s move of qb Kellen Lewis, their most productive player and best athlete, to wide receiver, where he can line up all over the field, make plays, and watch as his quarterback is sacked in plays he would get out of if he were playing qb.

Again, the IU staff knows more than fans, IU fans and otherwise, concerning the abilities of the players on hand, both Lewis and the remaining quarterbacks.  But if I'm missing opinion on the web from outside IU circle suggesting this is a good idea, please let me know.