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  • The IU women's basketball team lost 68-64 to Purdue on Friday, and seems to be a longshot to make the NCAA field, where they haven't been since 2002.
  • Devan Dumes is officially out for the Wisconsin game Sunday.  Dumes injured his knee early in the MSU game. 

Are two enough?  That's all I have for now. 

EDIT: Oh yeah, a third point.  You aren't hallucinating.  This blog has been live only since Tuesday, but the entirety of The Hoosier Report's archives are now contained in this blog.  There was some difficulty with getting the archives online.  Given the option between waiting for the fix and going live immediately, I decided that I wanted to go live while IU's soon-to-be-over basketball season was still ongoing.  But it's all here now, and so if you click on the tags you will see prior stories on any given topic.