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Season in review: Devan Dumes.

Dumes entered the season as IU's only guard with any Division I experience (Dumes played for a season at Eastern Michigan before transferring to Vincennes JC)..  Dumes wasn't a model of efficiency--he shot only 37 percent from the field, although he was a respectable 35 percent from behind the line--but he led IU in scoring with 12.7 points per game.  The highlights:

  • Dumes had a remarkable game in IU's only Big Ten win of the season, against Iowa.  He scored 27 points on 8-9 shooting.
  • He scored 26 points on 16 shots in IU's close loss at Northwestern.
  • Dumes improved his shooting during the Big Ten season.  In conference games only, Dumes shot 41 percent from the field and 45 percent from behind the arc, good enough for first in the Big Ten in conference games. 

The lowlights:

  • Dumes's temper got the best of him, infamously, in games against Northwestern and Michigan State.  A couple of elbows thrown in the latter game earned him a two game suspension. 
  • Dumes returned with limited success, and then injured his ankle in the home finale against Michigan State and missed the two final games of the season.
  • In his first three games following the suspension, Dumes shot 4-20 from the field. 

As with all of the returning Hoosiers, it's not at all clear what Dumes's role will be next season.  Given the composition of the roster, IU seems likely to employ a guard-heavy lineup, so there should be ample opportunities for Dumes to get some minutes.  On the other hand, Maurice Creek, one of IU's two most heralded incoming recruits, is a scoring guard, and Verdell Jones may join the competition for minutes, particularly if Bloomington South's Jordan Hulls is able to handle the point guard duties. 

Most significantly, Dumes remains IU's most experienced player and will be the only senior receiving significant playing time.  He has to get his temper under control and provide a solid example for the new guys.  As the numbers above indicate, Dumes is one of the best three point shooters in the conference, but his poor shooting percentage inside the arc drags down his efficiency.  Hopefully, more maturity and more support will help that.