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Basketball notes.

Postseason basketball is in full swing:

  • IU's women's basketball team won tonight in the WNIT on what sounds like a really strange finish.  An inadvertent whistle apparently stopped the clock with .2 seconds remaining, and IU executed a long pass and tip in to win the game 59-57 at the buzzer over Dayton. 
  • Two Big Ten teams have survived to the Sweet 16: regular season champ Michigan State and BTT champ Purdue.  According to seed, the Big Ten should be 5-5 right now, and is now 6-5.  Illinois and Ohio State lost earlier than their seeds dictated, but Purdue, Wisconsin, and Michigan each won an "extra" game. 
  • While there have been some close games, it's been a fairly boring tournament in terms of outcome.  The only "Cinderellas" remaining alive are 5th seed Purdue and 12th seed Arizona.  All #1 seeds, all #2 seeds, all #3 seeds, and two of the #4 seeds survived.  Sometimes on Sunday evening after the first four days of the tournament, it's possible to look at a particular region on the bracket and say, "wow, I can't believe one of those teams is going to the Final Four!"  This isn't one of those years.  All of the teams have a chance, and the only double digit seed remaining is Arizona, one of the most successful programs of the last 20 years and the school with the longest active streak of NCAA Tournament bids.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, the new home of the Colts and host to next season's Final Four, will host a regional next weekend.  Of the four schools in that regional, three (Louisville in 1980, Arizona in 1997, and Michigan State in 2000) have won NCAA title games played in Indianapolis.  The fourth team, Kansas, lost the 1991 title to Duke at the Hoosier Dome.