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The offseason begins.

Midnight Madness is more than seven months away, so here is a quick look at the early stages of the offseason. 

  • Tom Crean was in Seymour this morning to watch IU-bound Jordan Hulls and #1 Bloomington South defeat #2 New Albany, led by IU target Donnie Hale, in the 4A regional. 
  • The media post-mortems have begun: here's one from Pete DiPrimio, now of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel but formerly of Inside Indiana.  Pete also engages in some half-hearted rumormongering about transfers. 
  • Rumors aside, something has to give.  IU has eight returning scholarship players (Devan Dumes, Tijan Jobe, Verdell Jones, Tom Pritchard, Jeremiah Rivers, Matt Roth, Malik Story, and Nick Williams) and six players signed to letters of intent (Bobby Capobianco, Maurice Creek, Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls, Bawa Muniru, and Christian Watford).  It's unclear how things will work.  There has been speculation that one of IU's current scholarship players will remain on the team but will pay his own way as a walk-on (I haven't heard of a specific player, just of the general rumor).  With a class as large as IU's freshman class, it's always possible that a player or two will decide to chase playing time elsewhere.  It shouldn't be an uneventful spring in Bloomington.