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Big Ten Tournament history.

Here's a quick look at the history of the Big Ten Tournament.  I make a post like this every year, and here are the updated results:

Tournament champions
Illinois, 2 (2003, 2005)
Iowa, 2 (2001, 2006)
Michigan State, 2 (1999, 2000)
Ohio State, 2 (2002, 2007)
Wisconsin, 2 (2004, 2008)
Michigan, 1 (1998)

Most wins
Illinois, 21
Wisconsin, 14
Iowa, 13
Ohio State, 13
Michigan State, 12
Indiana, 8
Penn State, 5
Northwestern, 4
Purdue, 4

Winning percentage
Illinois, .700 (21-9)
Iowa, .590 (13-9)
Ohio State, .590 (13-9)
Michigan State, .571 (12-9)
Wisconsin, .608 (14-9)
Michigan, .438 (8-10)
Indiana, .421 (8-11)
Minnesota, .421 (8-11)
Penn State, .312 (5-11)
Northwestern, .260 (4-11)
Purdue, .260 (4-11)

In Indianapolis:
Iowa: 6-3
Wisconsin: 6-2
Ohio State: 5-3
Michigan State:4-4
Indiana: 3-4
Northwestern: 1-4
Penn State: 1-4
Purdue: 0-4


  • As bad as the Illini were last year, their three wins further expanded the Illini's lead over most of the pack. 
  • IU's overall BTT record is unremarkable, but IU is 3-0 when forced to play on the first day.  Of course, this is the first time that IU has been seeded lower than #8 in the BTT and therefore the first time IU has been playing on day one as an underdog.
  • IU's first round opponent, Penn State, has won only one BTT game in the last seven tournaments, even though the Nittany Lions have played on the first day in each of those seasons.
  • Purdue has reached the weekend only twice, and is the only Big Ten school that hasn't won a BTT game in Indianapolis.  That looked certain to end last year, when IU and Purdue seemed destined for a semifinal matchup, but IU lost to Minnesota and Purdue lost to Illinois.
  • Michigan is the only one-time winner of the tournament.  Five schools have won it twice, and five schools have never won it.