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Hoosier headlines for December 7, 2009: new football uniforms?

  • New football jerseys?  Via a mysterious poster called "baseballbab" on the Indiana Rivals board, here's a link to a photo of a scrawny mannequin wearing what appears to be an updated football jersey.  No commentary was offered with the photos, so it's unclear whether this is simply a concept or whether they are the official 2010 uniforms.  The uniforms look "official" in that they have the Adidas logo, they don't appear to be mere merchandise, and they look like they were taken in the football facility (note the sideline lockers visible in the background).  It's true that IU's current uniforms, while basic and classy, bear a strong resemblance to the uniforms of other teams.  In fact, during the Alabama-Florida game last weekend, my two year-old kept pointing at the TV and saying, "IU!  IU!"  I wish, kid.  The good: they aren't in the Cam Cameron/Sam Wyche zone; I like the Colts-style shoulder stripes; they don't mess with the color or logos imposed in 2002.   The bad: I don't like the white dickey around the neck, although that's certainly the trend in basketball uniforms; the serifs on the numbers look goofy.  We'll see if this it what the Hoosiers wear next season or if there is any announcement.

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