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Hoosier Headlines for December 4, 2009: futbol edition.

Sorry for no post yesterday, but it's a slow news week.

  • Freitag's release was necessary (Indiana Daily Student)
    "When are three Big Ten championships, two Big Ten Coach of the Year titles and one National Championship not enough to keep your job? Apparently, when you’re IU men’s soccer coach Mike Freitag. The handpicked successor to IU men’s soccer Godfather Jerry Yeagley, Freitag will not return to Bloomington after a 13-11-1 season, the program’s worst record. "

  • Glass answers questions on Freitag situation (Indiana Daily Student)
    "And then most importantly, I really feel and am convinced that the soccer program was going in the wrong direction, and I believe the football program is going in the right direction. So I think you take into account the record and you don’t ignore the record because, ultimately, all of us are ultimately judged upon the wins and losses, but it’s only part of the puzzle."