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Indiana Hoosiers v. Bryant Bulldogs (preview).

Bryant Bulldogs
Current record: 0-12 (0-2 in Northeast Conference)
Current RPI: 340
Current Sagarin: 326
Current Pomeroy: 335
2008-09 record:  8-21
2008-09 RPI: 306
2008-09 Sagarin: 345
2008-09 Pomeroy: 327
Pomeroy scouting report
Series:  First meeting
TV: 9 p.m. Monday[note edited time; sorry for any confusion], Big Ten Network
Blog: n/a

IU will attempt to rebound from a disappointing loss to Loyola (Md.), and it’s no exaggeration, even in this low era of IU basketball, to say that a loss to the winless Bryant Bulldogs would be the worst loss in program history.

Bryant currently is near the bottom of Division I by every rating system, and the Bulldogs are 0-12.  Looking at the Pomeroy ratings for the Bulldogs reveals nothing positive to say.  Certainly, if they have a strength, it's on defense, because the Bryant offense is just epically bad.  The Bulldogs average only .8 points per possession and turn the ball over on 25 percent of their possessions (despite a slow 65-possessions-per-game pace). Bryant is barely above the median in defensive field goal percentage, but excels at nothing.

I don't mean to be disrespectful of Bryant, and I'm to the point where I believe that anything can happen to the IU program.  I thought the BTN play-by-play guy on the Loyola game said it best: he knew Indiana could lose to Loyola, but thought that disasters like the first half of that game were behind IU.  As long as Bryant suits up 5 guys, I presume that a loss isn't out of the question.  But I think it's very important for IU to bloody these guys.  I want a decisive margin by halftime and walk-ons playing the last 15 minutes so that the starters can rest up for Michigan on Thursday.  Too much to ask?  I don't think so.