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Indiana hires Todd Yeagley as head soccer coach.

Wisconsin coach Todd Yeagley, former Indiana all-American and son of legendary IU coach Jerry Yeagley, will become the third head coach in the history of Indiana's soccer program, Chris Korman of the H-T and others report.  Yeagley spent one year as the head coach of the Badgers.  Jerry Yeagley guided IU's soccer program from club status all the way to six NCAA titles, and his successor, long-time assistant Mike Freitag, led IU to the title in his first season before the program declined.  I don't know enough about soccer to have a strong opinion about the demise of Freitag or what Todd will bring to the program, but I certainly hope IU will regain its position as the nation's leading soccer program (I saw that Virginia, the team that denied Todd an NCAA title his senior year of 1994, won the title for the first time since then).  Hiring a coach with such strong ties to the program will be a blessing or a curse, depending on how much he wins.  More later, and hopefully more from our soccer-savvy readers.