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Hoosier Headlines for December 17, 2009: soccer coaching search and more.

  • Expert: Players recruited too young (The News-Sentinel - Fort Wayne IN)
    "In this instant-gratification era, youth rules recruiting. Want to win? Lock ‘em up young. Coaches offer scholarships to eighth-graders, recruit sixth-graders and wonder what's wrong with the college basketball world."

  • Around the Rim: Texas About to Get Tested (Basketball Prospectus)
    "Tom Crean continues to try to rebuild the Indiana program in his second season as coach and the Hoosiers are 4-5. However, a bright spot has been the play of freshman forwards Maurice Creek, who leads the team with a 17.3 scoring average, and Christian Watford, who has a 12.6 scoring average and leads the Hoosiers with 6.1 rebounds a game."