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Kentucky Wilcats 90, Indiana Hoosiers 73: UK dominates after a competitive first half.

The Hoosiers allowed their fans to dream for a while on Saturday, but after IU pulled ahead 48-47 early in the second half, Kentucky went on an 18-0 run and never looked back.  While John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, and Patrick Patterson were as good as advertised, Eric Bledsoe shot 4-5 from three and led Kentucky with 23 points.  On the IU side, freshman Maurice Creek scored a career-high 31 points but was the only Hoosier to score in double figures.

I'll be back later with a more detailed look.  The good news is that for over 20 minutes of basketball, IU (thanks to some great shooting) hung with one of the most talented teams in the country.  On the other hand, most of the second half illustrated how far IU has to go in talent and experience.  Now, the Hoosiers enter the easiest stretch of their schedule, facing North Carolina Central, Loyola of Maryland, and Bryant to finish the non-conference schedule.  After that, IU opens the Big Ten on New Year's Eve, at home, against a struggling Michigan team.  Given the depth of the Big Ten, even an NIT bid will be a tall order, but it all starts with the next three games. 

P.S.  Did John Calipari really call this game "Indiana's Super Bowl"?  GFY, you crooked greaseball.  We've got 22 games left. [EDIT: Welcome, Wildcat Nation readers.  The difference between what I do here and what writers in more formal settings such as newspapers do is that this is a fan-driven site.  I try to add plenty of substance, and try  to look at my team and others in an objective way, but I also don't feel the need to hold back when I have an opinion.  I don't like Calipari, I think he's a crook and a jerk, and I think he'll have you guys on probation within five years.  I know what it's like to rationalize the hiring of a crooked coach, so I don't expect you to agree with me...yet.  But congrats on a nice win by an excellent team.]