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Hoosier Headlines for November 1, 2009: Iowa postgame.

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  • Indiana can't get over the hump again (ESPN)
    "Indiana held fourth-quarter leads in all three of its conference road games, against Michigan, Northwestern and Iowa. And all three times, the Hoosiers managed to fall short."

  • "The on-field officials weren't great in this game, but the replay reviewer was far worse. A plainly erroneous failure to award Indiana a first down on a reviewed spot; a failure to award Indiana a touchdown on a play that lacked enough evidence for an overturn; and a general inability to honor the codes and provisions of replay calls (you overturn with substantial evidence, not debatable evidence) drastically affected the outcome of this game."

  • Keeler: Call it luck or destiny, Hawkeyes still perfect (The Des Moines Register)
  • Hawkeyes climb out of their hole to bury Hoosiers (Evansville Courier & Press)