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Hoosier Headlines for October 9, 2009: lots of Virginia pregame coverage and Tom Crean's initial press conference.

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  • Virginia to retire coach ex-Raven Poindexter's jersey (Baltimore Sun)
    As the article notes, Poindexter made the stop that handed Florida State its first-ever ACC loss. For those who don't have much recollection of pre-2001 Florida State, it's hard to explain how shocking this game was.

  • Cavs take on Hoosiers in homecoming game (The Cavalier Daily)


  • C-Ville: HooYa! Blog
    38-30? Well, I'll be surprised if either team scores 30, let alone 38.

  • Hoosiers add depth, bulk at guard positions (The Journal Gazette)
  • Notes from Tom Crean’s Thursday press conference (Inside the Hall)
  • Thoughts from a day at Assembly Hall (The Hoosier Scoop)