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Hoosier Headlines for October 30, 2009: basketball media day and Iowa pregame.

  • Big Ten Power Rankings: Hawks, Nits, and Bucks Push for the Title (First and Big Ten)
    Bill Lynch should take Jim Tressel's class on coaching that we have been hearing so much about this season. The several questionable decisions made by Lynch down the stretch were a big reason the Hoosier's squandered a four score lead in Evanston last week.

  • Hoosiers optimistic with Crean in Year 2 (The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Ind.)
    "We’re better than we were a year ago. There’s better talent, there’s more of it," [Crean] said. "But we’re still a very young team that does not know the value of how hard you have to play, work and compete every day yet."

  • Big Ten's talent runs deep, coaches say (Quad City Times)
    ROSEMONT, Ill. - Big Ten basketball coaches have changed their tune.

  • Hoosiers anticipate improvement after dismal season (NWI Times)
    When asked to comment on the "bumps and bruises" his team endured during the 2008-09 basketball season, Indiana coach Tom Crean quickly corrected his questioner. "We had body parts removed," Crean joked during Thursday's Big Ten basketball media day. "We were in cement boots trying to catch up."

  • Crean, Jones participate in Big Ten media day in Chicago (Indiana University Athletics)
  • Big Ten picks: Week 9 (ESPN)