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Knight settles last lawsuit with Indiana University.

Per Chris Korman of the Bloomington Herald-Times, IU and Bob Knight, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, have settled the last remaining litigation between them.  This particular suit never received as much publicity as the "Open Door" lawsuit filed by some IU fans or the wrongful termination suit filed by Knight personally.  The suit that just settled concerned Knight's claims that either IU, its insurers, or other insurers had the duty to defend Knight in the lawsuit filed by former IU assistant Ron Felling and/or compensate him for the amount he paid to Felling as a settlement in that case.  The H-T article contains a link to a copy of the letter agreement between IU's attorney and Knight's attorney, and the letter explicitly states that Knight's acceptance of the money does not impose any obligation on his part to return to IU for his Hall of Fame induction in two weeks.  Nevertheless,  the timing makes it easy to speculate that this anonymous donor wants Knight to make an appearance at IU.