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Indiana 27, Illinois 14: signs of life.

In years to come, we will not see this game on the BTN as one of the Big Ten's Greatest Games.  Still, IU desperately needed a win and handled Illinois pretty easily. Ben Chappell posted career highs in yardage and touchdowns and generally played well.  It's late, so I'll be back in the morning with a recap.  Still, for now, IU fans should feel good.  Honestly, I thought IU was going to lose this game by three or four touchdowns.  I'm glad the team was more resilient than I.  Next Saturday, IU travels to Northwestern.  The Northwestern game is important because after NU,the schedule dials up: IU follows that game with @ Iowa, Wisconsin, and @ Penn State before finishing at home against Purdue.  a win over Northwestern would be significant because, as the fifth win, it would guarantee that every remaining game would have meaning (i.e., IU still would have a chance to win six and become conditionally bowl eligible).