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Virginia 47, Indiana 7: Cavaliers embarrass Hoosiers.

I'll be back at some point, probably tomorrow morning, with a more detailed recap, but there's not much to say about a beating this thorough at the hands of a team that had done little to this point in the season.  This was like many games in 2008, and suggests that IU's apparent progress had more to do with an easy schedule and a flukishly competitive game against a Michigan team that probably won't finish better than 8-4.  By the numbers, the season isn't over.  IU has plausibly winnable games remaining against Illinois, Purdue, and maybe Northwestern.  Still, consider IU's last four games against teams from major conferences:  Virginia, Ohio State, Michigan, and the 2008 Purdue games.  In two of the last four BCS conference games, IU has twice been humiliated by mediocre or worse teams.  I don't mean to sell Virginia short: the Cavaliers, when faced with a tough situation, upset UNC last week and dominated IU today.  Still, based on IU's recent history of being dominated by lousy teams, they should wait a couple of weeks before declaring the turnaround.  

I'm not going to call for anyone's head, of course, but we are right back where we thought we would be at the beginning of the season.  Fred Glass's homework should have begun last October, but hopefully it continues in earnest.