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Ohio State by the numbers: the offense.

I linked the OSU defensive stats yesterday, and the offensive stats, while satisfactory, are not overwhelming. 

Total offense: 367 (#63)

Passing offense: 186 (#82)

Passing efficiency: 130.25 (#58)

Rushing offense: 181 (#42)

Scoring offense: 28.5 (#55)

Sacks allowed: 3 (#13)

Terrelle Pryor, after a promising freshman year, has been roughly flat compared to last year, statistically.  Pryor has completed only 57 percent of his passes compared to 60 percent last year.  Pryor, in 87 passing attempts, has matched last season's total of 4 interceptions.  He has run for 58 yards a game and 6 yards per carry.  To some degree, Pryor's stats skew downward because of an 11-25 performance against USC.  On the other hand, 3 of his 5 touchdown passes were against Toledo. 

Pryor leads the Buckeyes in rushing with 235 yards.  Close behind are Daniel Herron (233 yards and 5 TDs, but only 3.6 YPC) and Brandon Saine (181 yards, 5.7 yards per carry).  Unlike in most seasons, no dominant running back has emerged for the Buckeyes.  In the receiving corps, Dane Sanzenbacher leads the Buckeyes with 277 yards and 4 TDs on only 12 catches.  DeVier Posey leads the Buckeyes with 15 catches, and caught the only OSU passing TD not caught by Sanzenbacher.  


As when the tables are turned, OSU's protection of Pryor and IU's pass rush will match strength against strength.  IU is among the nation's sack leaders, and the Buckeyes give up very few sacks. 

Pryor, however ordinary his numbers to this point, is always a threat, a 6-6 quarterback who leads his team in rushing.