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Hoosier Headlines for October 1, 2009: Ohio State overload.

  • Big Ten preview: Can it be even better? (FOX Sports on MSN)
    Will Indiana take the next step back to respectability with the addition of a six-man recruiting class to go along with Georgetown transfer Jeremiah Rivers? The Hoosiers were circled on everyone's schedule last season as a sure-fire victory, but Tom Crean's team should be more competitive this year with a strong freshman class.


  • What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – Indiana edition (The Buckeye Battle Cry)
    When the not-at-all-obsessed-with-IU wing of the Purdue blogosphere and the paste-eating wing of the  otherwise excellent Ohio State blogosphere join forces, look out. The always-overestimated OSU contingent may not cooperate with the (presumed, but unconfirmed) hope for a good aerial photo of the expanded Memorial Stadium. Fortunately, about 90 percent of the low-rent troglodytes who typically make the trip from Ohio to Bloomington will have to hock their computers for gas money and a new nut necklace, so I don't think word is going to get out.

  • For purposes of balance: One minor concern about Indiana (We Will Always Have Tempe)

  • Yep, we're nothing but the equivalent of a second tier MAC team.  This is a familiar theme, and hell, all the Hoosiers can do is try to prove otherwise.