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Penn State 61, Indiana 58.

Here's the box score. After the Northwestern game, I figured that IU had played its last competitive game of the season, but IU remained competitive throughout. IU's largest lead was 4, and Penn State's largest lead was 5. IU had a three point lead in the late going, but couldn't hold on and missed a couple of decent three pointers. This was an extraordinarily slow paced game: 55 possessions per side, IU's lowest total of the season. That puts a bit of a damper on enthusiasm about IU's 11 turnovers, but the 20 percent turnover percentage was IU's fifth-best of the season. IU shot reasonably well, rebounded respectably, but Penn State shot a bit better and turned the ball over only 8 times to IU's 11. For the seventh time in 16 Big Ten games, IU was within a single digit margin, but has only one win to show for it. Again, it was nice to see the team complete after what had to be a terribly depressing blowout loss to Northwestern, but it's also difficult to take much solace in a close loss at this point.