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The Lipscomb game: final pre-conference "tune-up."

Lipscomb Bisons
Current record: 4-6 (1-1 in Atlantic Sun)
Current RPI: 336
Current Sagarin: 264
Current Pomeroy: 260
2007-08 record: 14-16
2007-08 RPI: 228
2007-08 Sagarin: 209
2007-08 Pomeroy: 195
Series: first meeting
Pomeroy scouting report
TV: 6 pm, BTN

IU, after its worst loss in recent memory, now plays the weakest team on the remaining schedule. Lipscomb's only foray into major competition was a 20 point loss to NC State, but IU, at #194 in the Pomeroy ratings, isn't looking terribly major. Fortunately, the Hoosiers now face a team that doesn't take the ball away and turns the ball over quite a bit. Lipscomb shoots reasonably well from the line and from two point range, gets to the line, and crashes the offensive boards, but that's about it. Meanwhile, IU remains one of the country's worst offensive teams and respectable defensively, somehow.

After this game, I'll put together some sort of comprehensive look at where IU stands now, on its own and in relation to other Big Ten programs before the Big Ten season begins this coming weekend.