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We won't forget, students.

I'll be back sometime today with my long-delayed preview of the Wisconsin game. For now, from the student body that brought you the best-seller "Tailgating with Indifference to the Football Game Across the Street," a new low: per the H-T, IU has sold barely more than half of the student [EDIT: BASKETBALL] ticket allotment. Yes, I know that tickets are expensive, and so are book, beer, and pizza, but they were expensive last year, too. This is a pathetic slap in the face to the current team and a sad commentary on the student body. Here's what IU should do. In 2009-10, every returning student who bought tickets for 2008-09 should be given priority over every returning student who did it. Not only should they get tickets to every game before anyone else gets tickets to any game, they should get the best seats for every game. Set up a three-tiered student section. The first tier should be returning student ticket purchasers. The second tier should be freshman and others new to the Bloomington campus. The third tier, if there is room, should be the returning students who couldn't be troubled to support this team. Yes, overly preachy, but this really pisses me off.