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Maui Invitational, game 3: Indiana 81, Chaminade 79.

Here are the stats. We'll take it, of course. As I mentioned yesterday, Chaminade wins a game in this tournament every so often, so it's nice that IU avoided that indignity. IU led by 9 at halftime and expanded the lead to 15 with 14:41 remaining in the game. IU missed a bunch of freethrows in the final minutes, and Chaminade had a three point shot for the win. I didn't see this one, so I'll avoid too much comment. By the numbers, IU improved a number of problems. The Hoosiers shot 58 percent from the field, assisted 18 of 30 field goals, and turned the ball over only 11 times in a 68 possession game. Chaminade was able to stick around because the Silverswords made 12 od 23 three point shots and because IU shot only 14-27 from the line. There are no big lessons to be drawn from a game against a D-II opponent, but the Hoosiers leave the islands with a 3-2 record overall and a chance against Cornell of the Ivy League on Sunday, before the inevitable beatdown at Wake Forest.