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Maui Invitational, game 2: St. Joseph's 80, Indiana 54.

Here's the box. I didn't get the chance to watch this one, and probably won't see tomorrow's seventh place game against Chaminade. IU was reasonably competitive in the first half, trailing 34-29 at the break, and pulled to within one after scoring the first four points of the second half. A 23-2 run by St. Joseph's immediately thereafter sealed the game and illustrated just how long this season could be. Certainly, IU's young players should improve, but they are far from being able to compete with even a middle of the pack Big Ten team. Nine turnovers in the first seven and a half minutes of the second half sealed the deal. Frankly, however, St. Joseph's didn't take much better care of the ball, with 19 turnovers to IU's 23. Really, the numbers were fairly similar with the glaring exception of field goal percentage: St. Joe's shot 58 percent from the field, including 7-9 from three point range by Darrin Govens. Again, considering that IU isn't going to out-muscle anyone, shooting and valuing the ball are the Hoosiers' only hope, and they haven't shown much of it recently.