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Lynch receives the dreaded vote of confidence.

Per the Hoosier Scoop, incoming athletic director Fred Glass, who doesn't actually start the job until January 2, affirmed that Bill Lynch will be the coach next season. He didn't limit it to next season, of course, simply saying that Lynch "will be the football coach at Indiana University." According to the Hoosier Scoop, negative recruiting from other schools and comments from fans led to the decision to issue the statement. While such statements are, from the coach's perspective, better than the alternative, they are never a sign of health in a program, and almost always foretell a firing or resignation in the coming seasons.

One statement from Glass that made me pull my hair out: "I think contracts need to mean something at Indiana University." Yes, they need to mean what they say. Firing a coach with years remaining on his contract is not a violation of the contract. It's consistent with the termination provisions of the contract. Glass, an attorney far more accomplished than me and most in his profession, knows this, but wants to play the sports talk radio game about "honoring" a contract. Why? He's probably going to have to fire him after 2009 with years left on his contract. Whatever. At least we have the answer and can hope for a transformation in the next nine months.