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Indiana 103, Anderson 71.

Normally, it might not be worth the trouble to review the box score of an exhibition game against a D-III opponent, but that's literally all we have to go on for the 2008-09 Hoosiers. A few random thoughts:
  • This was a 74 possession game, much faster than IU's 2008-09 average of 67.1. On the other hand, IU was pretty fast against lesser non-conference opponents last season, so this many not represent a sea change in tempo--it may just have been IU running wild on one of the few teams we will out-talent this season.
  • In light of the pace, it's outstanding that IU turned the ball over only 10 times. Again, this was against a Division III team, but given the pace, the completely new roster, and Anderson's experience, I happy about this.
  • IU was 4-11 from three point range, again, quite a departure for IU. It's lower than I expected for such a guard-heavy team, and I expect that to change as we play more talented opponents.
Again, all this game proves is that IU would be a very good Division III team. But that's better than the alternative.