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End of all hope: Wisconsin 55, Indiana 20.

IU's bowl hopes, effectively in jeopardy for weeks, officially ended with IU's 55-20 loss to Wisconsin on Saturday. After a competitive first half that included three Wisconsin turnovers, the Badgers ran all over IU in the second half, outscoring IU 31-0. Injuries forced IU to play four different quarterbacks in the game, and the key play came late in the second half. After Wisconsin fumbled a punt, QB Ben Chappell had the chance to score a touchdown that would have turned a 21-20 deficit into a six point halftime lead, but was hit on the one yard line. He fumbled, left the game with a head injury, and Wisconsin returned the fumble into IU territory and set up a field goal. IU had every opportunity to take the lead at halftime, but it probably wouldn't have mattered. The Badgers ran for 441 yards and averaged over 7 yards per carry. IU's offense was forced to rely on WR Mitchell Evans at quarterback, and ultimately, fourth string freshman Teddy Schell.

Here are the stats. Not much else to say about this one. IU's next game is at Happy Valley, against a pissed off Penn State team that blew a chance at the national championship last week. PSU is favored by more than 30 points, and that may be kind to the Hoosiers. As with so many IU seasons, this one will come down to the Purdue game.