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First half thoughts.

No liveblog for me tonight, but here are some random halftime thoughts:
  • Man, I hope Dante Love is okay. When I saw the play in real time, I figured maybe he had the wind knocked out of him, but obviously it was worse. I hope to see him playing on Sundays next year, and hopefully on some more Saturdays this year.
  • Lots of Kellen Lewis. Obviously, we need to do what is necessary to win any given game, but this all-Kellen offense isn't a positive development and won't help us down the road.
  • It's amazing what Ball State has done offensively even without good field position. Starr has kicked it into the end zone for the most part.
  • Just to contradict myself a bit, the advantage of forcing BSU or any other defense to account for Lewis is that it opens things up for others, hence nice runs by Payton and McCray late in the second quarter.
  • Some really poor decisions by supposed team leaders. The personal foul by Geno Johnson in the first quarter was awful, as was Lewis's late interception. A guy with Kellen's experience has to realize that IU is getting the ball in the second half.
  • Ball State has dominated the game statistically, and has the lead in net offense 302-197. Ball State is average 7.8 yards per play from scrimmage to IU's 5.7.