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Carnage in the secondary.

As I noted before the season, with the exception of MLB Adam McClurg, IU returned its front 7 intact, but would be putting a bunch of inexperienced players in the secondary, especially at the corners. So where has the injury bug struck? Naturally. Chris Phillips, the only cornerback in the preseason two-deep who had ever played a down, is out for the season with a torn ACL suffered on the drive immediately following the Dante Love injury. Phillips didn't hit anyone and didn't get hit, but landed awkwardly while trying to break up a Ball State TD pass. Chris Adkins is back, but will be be ready to play after landing the hit that caused Love's injury? Apparently Richard Council will start
As if that's not bad enough, IU's starting safeties, Nick Polk and Austin Thomas, the strength of the secondary, both will miss the MSU game. Although the Hoosier Scoop, in the post linked above, mentions that Joe Kleinsmith and Brandon Mosley are getting the most work at safety, I think it's time for Jerimy Finch to live up to his press clippings. If Brian Hoyer doesn't throw the ball well against IU, that's a major problem for MSU (of course, that assumes that they have to throw it at all).