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The receivers: who's gone, who's back?

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Last week, I discussed the offensive backfield. This week: the receivers. Unlike the offensive backfield, it seems likely that IU will use some newcomers as receivers. Freshman Tandon Doss has been getting work with the first team, per the Hoosier Scoop, and has returned from a brief absence required by some issue with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Also, freshman tight end Max Dedmond is drawing premature comparisons to Dallas Clark of the Colts. Apparently IU will use Dedmond much like the Colts use Clark, as a TE/WR hybrid. If he plays like Clark did in this game, I'll be happy. Finally, Mitchell Evans, a 6-3 sophomore who intercepted two passes as a safety last year, is now a WR seeing work with the first team.
Wide receiver
Who's back:
Andrew Means, junior. Means was second on the team in yards, with 559, and average over 11 yards per catch, although he did not catch a touchdown. Means played rookie ball for the Cincinnati Reds over the summer, so it seems possible that this season will be his last at IU.
Ray Fisher, junior. Fisher is only 5-9, but caught 52 passes for 482 years and was second on the team with four touchdown receptions.
Brandon Walker-Roby, senior. Walker-Roby, the brother of former IU star and current Colt Courtney Roby, had a respectable freshman year, with 10 receptions, 78 yards, and two touchdowns, but has caught only nine passes in the last two seasons. He will have a final opportunity to try to live up to his brother's reputation, and has also been seeing time with the first unit.
Who's gone:
James Hardy. But you knew that. It's hard to discuss Hardy without resorting to cliche, but they're all true. Hardy changed the game and forced defenses to account for him on every play. He had a height advantage over every defender he faced. It's unlikely that IU will replace his production, and other aspects of the offense--the tight ends, the running backs, Kellen Lewis--will have to pick up the slack.
James Bailey. For reasons that were never entirely clear to me, Bailey transferred before his senior season. I can't remember where he ended up, and Google isn't helping right now. Bailey was fourth on the team with 268 yards and caught 2 touchdowns. He would have helped this year.
Tight end
Who's back:
Troy Wagner. Two receptions, five yards. Obviously, IU hasn't used tight ends as receivers all that much recently, although Dedmond may change that.
Who's gone:
Nick Sexton. Sexton caught 3 passes for 31 yards, no touchdowns.