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Defensive line: who's back, who's gone.

The defensive line was the most pleasant surprise of the 2007 season. IU rarely reached the opposing quarterback in 2006, but in 2007, IU was among the nation's sack leaders for much of the season, and then-sophomore defensive end Greg Middleton led the nation with 16 sacks. IU will be relying upon new starters and both cornerback positions and at middle linebacker, so this experienced line could be an important asset to the team.
Who's back?
Nearly everyone. All four starters received significant playing time last year, and freshman Fred Jones is the only newcomer on the two-deep.
Greg Middleton, junior DE. Middleton, as noted above, emerged as one of the most effective defensive ends in the country, and won numerous all-Big Ten and all-American designations, both in the 2007 postseason and the 2008 preseason.
Jammie Kirlew, junior DE. On the left side of the line, Kirlew had 57 tackles and was third on the team with 4.5 sacks.
Deonte Mack, sophomore DT. Mack, the least experienced of the starters, had 18 tackles.
Greg Brown, senior DT. Brown tied Middleton with 50 tackles and had 1.5 sacks.
Ryan Marando, senior DE. Marando, although a reserve in 2008, was second on the team with 5 sacks in 2007.
Kevin Burrus, junior DT. One of identical twins, Kevin had 11 tackles.
Keith Burrus, junior DT. The second of the twins, Keith had only 9 tackles, but three were tackles for loss, including a sack.
Who's gone?
Brian Faires, who played in all 13 games and managed 13 tackles and two sacks, is the only departing lineman who received significant playing time.