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Other people's work.

Not much time for original content today, but:
  • Mike at Black Shoe Diaries (Penn State) has posted a less-than-optimistic preview of the 2008 Hoosiers. He is predicting 4-0 in the non-con, 0-8 in the Big Ten. I'll certainly be disappointed if the season turns out that way, but as always, Mike is very thorough. In IU circles, optimism is high, considering IU's 2007 record and Bill Lynch's recent recruiting success, so it's worthwhile to consider how an outsider views the state of the program. As Mike notes, last year he predicted that IU would finish 3-9, so the prediction game is tough even for the most thoughtful and detail-oriented bloggers. Let's hope he's wrong in 2008.
  • Louisville is host to some big recruiting shindig. It's not my cup of tea, but be sure to check out Inside the Hall and Hoosier Scoop for ongoing reports.