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Did I say every day?

News is still a bit slow. Here are a few items:
  • If this is the worst criticism leveled at Bill Lynch this season, it will be a great year. John Decker of Hoosier Nation thinks that IU is making a mistake by not sending Kellen Lewis and Greg Middleton to Chicago for the Big Ten media day, instead electing to take seniors Marcus Thigpen, Greg Brown, and Austin Starr. Guys in Decker's position have to write about something, I suppose, but this doesn't make much sense. He says:
    Because the Big Ten Kickoff event is all about generating preseason publicity, and IU football could have been the topic of conversation and upstaged the traditional conference powers.
    Sure. While Decker acknowledges this argument before dismissing it, I don't see any good reason to send a guy to Chicago who will face more questions about off-the-field issues than about football. IU's fan support and publicity as the season progresses will be determined by performance, not by a media event held before the season begins.
  • I don't follow recruiting closely, but thing seem to be going reasonably well. Check out Mac624 for comprehensive updates on recruiting, as well as various rumors of uncertain credibility.