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Crean grabs a couple of recruits.

I'm a few days late on the first one, but the second story broke late last night. First, Crean added to the class of current high school juniors, the group that will enroll in fall 2009, with a verbal commitment from Bobby Capobianco of Loveland, Ohio. Inside the Hall has a nice Q and A with Capobianco.
Late last night, the coach at Vincennes University told the Herald Times that guard Devon Dumes has committed to IU. As a juco trtansfer, Dumes, who has two yearts of eligibility remaining, will be eligible to play in 2008-09. Dumes is a graduate of Decatur Central in Indianapolis and played his freshman year at Eastern Michigan. It's not clear why he left EMU, but here's his game log. He received a decent amount of playing time that year, 18.8 minutes per game, and scored 8.1 points per game. On the downside, he shot 33.8 from the field and from three point range. His shooting percentages improved across the board at VU.
To his credit, Crean has hit the ground running. IU now has filled one of the two spots abandoned by Devin Ebanks and Terrell Holloway, although the uncertain status of Jamarcus Ellis and Armon Bassett makes IU's scholarship status unclear.