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Random tournament and coaching thoughts.

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Now that all of Indiana's teams have been eliminated, IU fans will be focused on the performance of Big Ten survivors Wisconsin and Michigan State and on IU coaching targets, not necessarily in that order. Again, with the caveat that we have no idea who actually is under consideration, here are the remaining coaches who have been "mentioned" in media reports:
  • I would guess that any IU fan who watched Washington State's demolition of Notre Dame's potent and fast-paced offense came away impressed with Bennett. I've been high on Bennett from the beginning and came away from that game completely impressed. His Cougars play top-ranked North Carolina.
  • The other game in the East features two guys, Rick Pitino and Bruce Pearl, who have been mentioned as possible candidates. Clearly, Pearl would seem to be the more realistic candidate.
  • In the Midwest, 12 seed Villanova and Jay Wright will play Kansas. I don't know that Wright would be interested in or a good fit at IU, but he seems to be drawing some mention.
  • In the West, Sean Miller, whose Xavier team beat Purdue on Saturday, will face the 7 seed West Virginia with a chance to play the winner of UCLA-Western Kentucky.