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Kellen Lewis suspended.

Any IU fans hoping that the looming spring football practice period would, for once, provide a nice distraction from the basketball program, think again. As has been widely reported, Kellen Lewis is out, suspended for at least for the beginning of spring practice. The official word is the typical "indefinite suspension, violation of team rules," which could be just about anything. Mac624, an observer who seems to have connections to the program, reports that sources tell him that this is not a minor issue. Mac reports that based on what he has heard from multiple sources, he doubts KL will play football for IU again. Obviously, multiple sources can stumble across the same wrong information, as has been obvious during various coaching searches and other events, but obviously it is troubling. IU certainly will have a challenge replacing James Hardy in any event, but losing Hardy and Lewis's dual threat capability would be devastating. Hopefully Kellen will resolve whatever issues he is facing and resume his promising career.
EDIT: Just to be clear, I don't know what the offense was or who the sources are. I am simply passing on information/opinion from a blogger with generally reliable information.