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Coaching search and other housekeeping.

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There isn't much well-sourced info out there on the coaching search. The less-than-credible New York Daily News reports that Scott Skiles will interview for the job. Skiles is unemployed, so it certainly is plausible that he would submit to a conventional interview, but what are the odds that a New York paper known for peddling gossip would scoop every Indiana reporter?
In any event, be sure to check out Inside the Hall, which is running profiles of the various rumored candidates. ITH already has profiled Tom Crean, Tony Bennett, Sean Miller, Bruce Pearl, and Scott Skiles (and perhaps more).
Of course, there are plenty of suspected IU candidates in action this weekend. Xavier and Sean Miller play West Virginia tonight in one of the early games, and Tony Bennett's Washington State team tries to shut down another potent offense, that of top-ranked North Carolina. One of the late games features Bruce Pearl of Tennessee against Rick Pitino of Louisville, either, both, or neither of whom may be in the mix, depending on the source. Certainly, the outcome of these games could affect the pace of IU's search.
As for me, my presence here for the next ten days is likely to be sporadic. I'll certainly try to get online if IU hires a coach next week, but no guarantees.