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Big Ten Bloggers poll, Week 9.

1. Purdue (23-6, 14-2). Last week: 1. Purdue has a dangerous week (@OSU, @ Michigan), and probably can't count on Wisconsin losing.
2. Wisconsin (24-4, 14-2). Last week: 2. UW dominated MSU to nearly assure itself of a share of the title with only PSU and Northwestern remaining.
3. Michigan State (23-6, 11-5). Last week: 4. IU's resume is better, but the Hoosiers are being punished this week. MSU fans have been looking for the team that appeared on Sunday.
4. Indiana (24-5, 14-3). Last week: 3. IU hasn't looked impressive since the coaching change.
5. Minnesota (18-10, 8-8). Last week: 6. Minnesot can get back on the bubble with a win at Illinois and with a suddenly attainable win at IU.
6. Ohio State (17-12, 8-8). Last week: 5. The Buckeyes are falling apart, but with Purdue and MSU coming to town, can salvage an NCAA bid. Nothing suggests that they will, however.
7. Penn State (14-14, 6-10). Last week: 9. Solid homecourt week by the Lions, who will have a shot against IU on senior night.
8. Illinois (12-17, 4-12). Last week: 10. Not a great week, but the Illini move up because of the Iowa win and Michigan's loss to NU.
9. Iowa (12-18, 5-12). Last week: 8. Iowa has had its moments, but not in the last couple of weeks.
10. Michigan (9-20, 5-12). Last week: 7. Wait till next year.
11. Northwestern (8-19, 1-15). Last week: 11. A win, finally. At least they won't be the first winless Big Ten team since Northwestern did it in 1999-2000. Before that, it was Northwestern in 1990-91. Before that, Chicago in 1946. Something about the Windy City, I guess.